Is canaleddus

About us

chi-siamo2The example of recovery and management of these two sites is a proof of how an effective collaboration between public and private sectors can be rich and successful. The whole area is in fact a Private Property, protected with the highest environmental bonds, Mari Pintau area has also been choosen as a SCI, that is “Site of Community Interest “in both the coast and the sea, in defense of its poseidonia prairies. This is the proof of unique beauty of these places, who have been defended also by the European Community. Enjoy then both of these two magnificent bays, Mari Pintau with its sea views and hues, Is Canaleddus with its forest of eucalyptus and its exclusive services for your relax. We welcome you with all the enthusiasm that only those who love their land can have.

Please help us to preserve this piece of nature with the right behavior. Best wishes by all the Staff of Mari and Pintau Is Canaleddus.